National Hack The Government is an annual HackCamp run by Rewired State. As well as bringing great people together to have a fun hacking and building things, we hope to improve transparency, open data and produce demo-able ideas that can be followed up and put into practice in real life. We do this by holding a competitive event for creating prototypes and building ingenious (and occasionally tongue-in-cheek ) projects that help improve local and national services and make use of open data.

On 8th-9th March 2014 we hosted our 6th year with 5 centres around the UK supporting hyper local communities hacking around local data, issues and problems bringing in the National part in the title to life.

We will soon be announcing a finalists show and tell – taking the winners from each centre and allowing them to demo their ideas to government, business and the wider community.

National Hack the Government 2014 was supported by 


About Us 

Rewired State creates bespoke hack events that bring creative developers, designers and industry experts together to solve real world problems.

We promote and support more than 1200 of the UK’s most talented and inventive software developers and designers, as well as nurturing 1500 promising world-wide developers under 18 through the Young Rewired State network.


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