Introducing the all new Rewired State National Hack the Government!

We are excited to be making some changes to the way we run National Hack the Government, we hope that the changes will make the event even better, and help give NHTG more scope than is possible in just hack day itself. Summed up below is how we hope to do this, let us know what you think.

What we hope to achieve

  • To get everyone together, faces old and new to have a great time doing what we love.
  • To spark better use of open government data and improvement of public services.
  • To support more people getting into civic hacking.
  • To help people build upon their skills, knowledge and networks by making things.
  • To let government know that there is a network of people available to help improve services.
  • To help foster projects through to completion, through finding people or resources to take them on
  • To keep all of this going throughout the year not just over the hack weekend.

Format of the event

We are adding an extra day. NHTG usually takes place over just one day, but we want to add an extra day with talks, breakout talks and a team stand up. The aim of this is to give more time for learning, talking and listening to each other, finding people who have similar ideas, or similar end users in mind in order to form brilliant teams. We then will regroup for Sunday, to develop the ideas into demo-able projects ready for show and tell, followed by prize giving.

Last year we had a centre in Manchester as well as London, but this year we will be connecting with councils to open up centres around the country to make it more of a national event, and focus on building local networks available to solve local problems. Locations will be confirmed.


There are several reasons for using a microsite rather than the Rewired State home page –

  • We want the ideas and progress that comes out of the event to be more accessible by everyone not just the people who come to the hack day.

  • To keep NHTG-specific resources like data and blog posts in one place so that they can be more useful to people continually working on their projects or starting new ones.

  • To showcase projects that can be taken forward by external parties
  • To provide the resources and information and network that will help more people to start hacking government.

  • To provide a platform for keeping the conversation going and news and insights being shared more regularly.

  • To allow centres around the country to have access to the same information, and to each others brains.

  • A community page to share ideas for hacks, ask for help with problems, call out for team mates, and share things they think are important. This will hopefully be up soon it was going to be a wiki / mailing list / reddit – but I’m not sure exactly how to do this and am open to ideas – if you can help or have a better way of doing this in mind, let me know.

Open Planning Meetings

Planning meetings for councils and government – we want to bring local councils together to talk about some of the problems that they face and how those problems could be addressed by the developer network (date in December and London location to be announced).

Planning meetings for developers and civic hackers.  We will be holding a series of open planning meetings open to our network to talk about what topics you think are important or interesting that should be talked about at NHTG (date in December and London location to be announced).

If you can’t make it to the meetings, email us and we will make sure we raise them at the meeting.

I hope to hear from you what you think/ what we can do to get the most out of this. – debbie (at) and


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