November Updates!

The RS team have been busying ourselves this month with UK Parliament Hack and Gateway to Research but there are still some exciting updates on the NHTG front!

The Subreddit!

As you may have noticed (or are just about to) we have added a NHTG Subreddit to the Menu.  I imagine that activity will get going as we reach March 2014, but in the meantime, if we see anything useful for the civic hacker looking for some link love, we will post it there. If you see anything that you think is worth sharing – or have any updates or thoughts to do with NHTG do post them.

The Open Planning Board

Thanks to the suggestions of some brilliant friends at the pub after Parly hack, there is now a live Open Planning Board on Trello. Contributions welcome. The first column (ideas in tray) is for any ideas, thoughts and suggestions, the second is for things we are planning on doing or including. Feel free to add to, comment, vote etc. If you haven’t used trello then I’m glad to be able to introduce you. Here is a (slightly American) introduction to show you around.

Title change

After the afore-mentioned conversations and thoughts, we will no longer be referring to the event as a “Hack-Conference” – it will be a Hackcamp (derived from Barcamp).


As well as our own network, we have been lucky enough to talk to some fantastic people and organisations to ask for advice, how we can make the most out of the event, and work out how they can be involved. Including Teacamp, Future Gov, and the LGA. We are hoping to continue talking to those and many others organisations who are doing brilliant things and see how we can team up.

Local Centres

We have 4 Local outposts who have said yes (Whoo!) and are talking to another few councils who may be getting involved.

Raising Sponsorship 

We are a third of the way towards raising the funding, so will soon be able to finalise the logistic details. Watch this space!


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