Vision for NHTG

The countdown to our flagship event has really started to kick up a gear with 3 months to go! We have made some exciting changes to the way the event will run. The ‘Hackcamp’ spread over two days in March will strive for us to build upon our existing 5 year legacy but will see us face a brave new direction, a change of how we run the event…

Our vision is to grow the best civic hacking platform for the country by the country. We want to bring likeminded people together – developers, experts, designers, government leaders, businesses and the average man to form a symbiotic relationship helping ‘code a better country’

Using tech as a key to open up the world around us and building on our vision of having an open relationship will of course take time. Connecting up these pieces of the puzzle, connecting citizens to government, setting up hubs and building strong links and partnerships as well as running this event is something that will not happen overnight.



A lengthy 5 year plan which will hopefully allow us to scale, grow and become the best event in town(s).



This year we want to show what is possible and inspire new ways of thinking and tackle some local problems in 5 centre’s across the UK and then connect them all at an event in London.

We also want to build an online, open and up to date data resource base which will be accessible and editable. Building things which help the community and building sustainable tech lead relationships and help build the civic tech and hacker ecosystem locally.

Year one is going to be our test year. We want to build a template to pass on the legacy to year two. A document which will allow new centre’s to flourish with very little leg work – a how to guide if you will.

We are not against trying our new things in our first ‘development’ year or making mistakes but we really want to learn from them and become stronger. Having 5 local councils come in on the ground floor is a huge reassurance that we are doing the right thing though and this needs to happen!



We want to add more councils, more gov departments and develop our partnerships. Year two is really building on lessons from year one. Feedback will be really important and at the essence of what do is always community. We want to hear from you on how to make the event better.

We also plan to tie our event up with Young Rewired State, the young coding network of under 18s in this year and of course we want more outcomes. We will be a position to really demonstrate and build on our first year.

We want to

  • increase participation
  • showcase more outcomes / more hacks
  • run a follow up event
  • have more councils take part
  • tie up more local businesses
  • have hackers in residence located around the county


THE FUTURE – years 3, 4 and 5

Our vision for this project is huge and we are still formulating, debating and arguing how to do this.

We want an online hub for anyone who is interested in civic hacking a place for debates, resources and also an offline meet for local groups.

We want all local councils, boroughs a shed load of businesses both local and national to be involved.

And of course we want outcomes. We want to see the things from the hacks being used up and down the country integrated into everyday working live.


Our vision is huge. If you have any thoughts or can help in anyway it would be fantastic to hear from you.

Lets start building these connections today and make a better tomorrow.


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