Phew! Well that was NHTG 2014!

Wow what a weekend, we had a great time and were blown away by the ideas and scope of what was built.

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The winners




  • GET. OUT. by Gray Marchiori-Simpson, James Bulmer and Phillip Po
  • Pathify by James Bulmer



We would love you to come to the NHTG 2014 Finale which will be taking place on Thursday 1st May from 7-9pm. There will be a chance to see the winning prototypes demoed and to meet press, government plus your NHTG peers from around the country.



  • 250 people participating 

  • 5 centres
  • The #NHTG14 hashtag got used in over 1,750 tweets

  • Over 40 projects created in just 30 hours

“This isn’t just an event where you go and have fun. This is an event with the ability to change. To start some very serious conversations. To open up data. To connect data, users and councils all for good”  – Matthew Simmons, Developer

Thanks to all those who made National Hack the Government 2014 possible