Devon County Council are at the beginning of an open data journey, working together with partners to use the power of existing available data about the county and open up new data sources.

Open data gives opportunities to Devon citizens and businesses to be able gain a greater understanding of the county, see new patterns and providing the ability to link data together to make new discoveries. This has the potential to encourage enterprise and new ways of service provision in difficult financial times.

Devon is supporting the development of a wider Open Data Forum in Devon to bring together  the widest possible range of public and private sector data to inform and inspire its citizens and businesses. Rewired State’s National Hack The Government will be the first time that some datasets are available and offers a platform to share ideas and knowledge and continue the open data debate.


Centre Lead


Kevin Lewis,  a front-end web developer and UX designer from Berkshire, over the last three years, Kevin has been part of the Rewired State community and is now working as part of the Rewired State team.



1. Highways Innovation

Develop an application to discover something new about Devon’s highways.

2. Healthy Communities, community connections and intelligence

Bring people together and enable them to better manage their health or find an innovative way to brief councilors, commissioners and/or practitioners with intelligence on the health of or the community connections available in their area.

3. Wildcard


Our ‘live’ community web pages use XML to mash up statistical data:

Other, more manually produced profiles show other data:

We also hold the Devon Community Directory of local groups and services at: http://

Data about ourselves
Like other local authorities, we publish data about ourselves according to the government
code of practice:



The Nomis data come via their API – more details can be found at http://www.nomisweb.co.uk/api/v01/help. For example https://www.nomisweb.co.uk/api/v01/dataset/NM_608_1.data.json?geography=1249921944&date=latest&rural_urban=0&cell=MAKE|White|1…4&measures=20100 provides JSON data from the census for the number of white people in one of the lower super output areas in East Devon. You can use the advanced query tool on nomisweb.co.uk to build the URLs, but I think you need to be logged in.

Neighbourhood Statistics data exchange API – http://www.neighbourhood.statistics.gov.uk/dissemination/Info.do?page=nde.htm.


pip portrait

Pip Tucker, Head of Insight and Impact, Devon County Council
Pip’s role at Devon County Council within the corporate policy unit, looks at the state of the county, the messages coming from residents, the government and other bodies to ensure that the council is well placed to respond to changing circumstances.

Michael Saunby

Michael Saunby, Met Office

Software developer for climate analysis at the UK Met Office, and one of Exeter’s 50 most influential people.

drewAndrew W. Ellis, Founder, Like Minds
Involved in digital since founding one of the first digital agencies, Eyetoeye in 1994, currently a partner in The Organic Agency in Exeter http://theorganicagency.comand founded the global thought leadership platform, Like Minds http://wearelikeminds.com in 2009.

Event Partners



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