National Hack The Government is Rewired States founding hack day,  every March, we get together faces old and new to play with open government data and hack ways of improving transparency, communication, efficiency and relationships between the government, technologists and citizens. The aim is to engage communities by creating apps, websites and products that help improve services in and for the government.


We hope to involve as many organisations who are doing great work in the civic area as possible.  At National Hack the Government 2014 we hosted 250 people, in London, Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds and Bournemouth.  We hope to grow the community further and strengthen its outcomes year on year.

Partnering with us for NHTG 2015

We want to make National Hack the Government a brilliant event – and great weekend hack days only work well if we can feed people keep them warm, provide a nice space for them to work in. Unfortunately these things don’t come free, and we don’t have enough money to be able to fund a brilliant event all by ourselves! The only way to make this possible with help from wonderful partners and sponsors!

There are some great benefits of being involved and supporting us –


  • See what brilliant insights and solutions come out of the weekend
  • Support the strongest network of developers and designers in the UK
  • Help us  improve transparency, open data and public services
  • Come alongside other organisations at the forefront of digital change and participation
  • The chance to connect with a national and ever growing network of civic innovators
  • The chance to connect with other digital leaders and leading change makers
  • Showcase your organisation at the forefront of technology and engagement


“NHTG is always one of the best Rewired State events in terms of the hacks created and the variety of them.” 

— Michael Mokrysz, developer

“The sheer brilliance of what was built was seriously impressive, even for a hack day veteran. For those members of the audience who were new to to this, it must have been mind- blowing.” 

— Richard Goodwin The Stationary Office

Here are the amazing people who made NHTG 2014 possible


To register interest in a partnership for 2015, please fill out the form below


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