“I am delighted that Bournemouth is taking part in National Hack the Government 2014.  As a Council we are committed to increased openness, to sharing our data & information, and to supporting the local creative industry sector. We also want to use all our available to data to the best possible end.

“We know that our town has a huge and growing wealth of digital and innovative business talent, and National Hack the Government in Bournemouth is a fantastic way of showcasing what that talent can do.

“We have an abundance of data, information, facts, stats and figures, and while we as a Council try to use them to good effect, I suspect we, like councils up and down the country, do not necessarily ‘join up’ as well as we could. This event could help change that.

“I’m optimistic and confident that bringing National Hack the Government to Bournemouth will show us what can be achieved and be the beginning of a new approach for the Council. Let’s show Government what we can do.”

– Councillor Mike Green, Bournemouth Borough Council

BMTH1 ..

Centre Lead

MATTHEW DESMIERBournemouth Borough Council have asked local digital economy consultant Matt Desmier to be the Centre Lead.  Matt is one of the principal organizers of Meetdraw, the regular networking event for Bournemouth-based creative and digital agencies and he also produces the renowned annual two-day digital innovation conference Silicon Beach.

To ensure Bournemouth’s National Hack the Government activity meets everyone’s expectations, Matt is working alongside the organizers of HackBmth, the regular series of Bournemouth-based hack-days, too.


1. Cycling

Possibly, at least in part, because of the two universities and the abundance of English Language Schools, cycling is very popular across Bournemouth (and Christchurch, Poole and Dorset) and has featured heavily in the local news recently, sometimes not for the best of reasons.  Therefore your challenge is to explore how cycling can be safer and bring greater benefits for Bournemouth.

2. Beaches

A prominent feature of the Bournemouth landscape is its 7 miles of award-winning beaches.  In keeping with the towns commitment to become a digital hub, by the summer of 2014 areas of the beach will have free high-speed WiFi available to all.  Your challenge is to explore what the benefits of free open WiFi along the whole of the beach might be.

3. Tourism

Bournemouth is a vibrant tourist destination.  And with the number of families taking “stay-cations” increasing, its popularity is set to rise.  Your challenge is to explore how the experience of a tourist travelling to Bournemouth could be enhanced.

4. Wildcard

Like many other towns and cities, Bournemouth has its share of other areas of social concern which, despite much public investment and statutory intervention, still continue to affect the residents. You challenge is to design a possible application to bring together all those affected and find and apply new solutions.


To contact the NHTG Bournemouth team email:

Follow us on twitter:  @nhtgbournemouth

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