“We want to reach those with a shared interest in how technology and open data could improve life for those living and working in Glasgow.”

“people with imagination, vision and enthusiasm to collaborate and develop innovative ideas using open data and technology that could improve life for those living and working in Glasgow and have the potential to become a reality.”

– Glasgow City Council


Centre Lead

Iain Collins

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 17.37.31

Iain is a cross platform, full stack software developer with a Unix Hacker background and interested in open software, open data (especially public sector data), data driven journalism and how all three can improve our society.

He’s a huge fan of hack days, especially when they bring together people from different fields, and loves hacks that solve real problems, increase engagement with data or derive insight from open data.

He’s worked on frontend and backend systems building things for the web, the desktop and servers for Sky, TalkTalk, AOL and at several startups and is currently working working on his own startup, inkrato, building tools to empower community driven development.



What is on your agenda for improving public services in Glasgow?

The Judges

Steven Livingstone-Pérez – Open Data and Apps Platform Lead, Future City | Glasgow
Mark Irwin – Active Travel Lead, Future City | Glasgow
Gary Short – Head of Data Science at Blackmarble


Event Partners



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