Write up 2012

In partnership with the Government Digital Service and with the support from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and UK Location (from Defra),April saw the fourth national Hack the Government Day.

  • 50 geeks
  • 25 Hacks
  • 1 GDS office
  • 1 very hot Show and Tell
  • 1 food-run to Centrepoint
  • 30 pizzas
  • 9 winners
  • 1101 tweets
Loftify by Stef Lewandowski @stef Winner Best in Show
  • Loftify acts as an online service where families with older relatives can pool money to help pay energy costs.The site allows you to see how much you will save and how much the government will contribute to the costs.
  • Project URL – loftify.com
Bycycle Barometer by Richard Pope Winner Government Digital Service Award
  • Bycycle is simply a tool to help you decide whether to take the tube or to cycle to work in the morning. Taking information from tube network sites and weather information from local forecasts the internal algorithms then weigh up what will be the easiest route to take.
  • Project URL – evening-mist-7436.herokuapp.com

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