Write up 2013



Rewired State, for the fifth year running, hacked the Government. We are delighted with what was made at this event and it has become a firm favorite and a flagship event in the Rewired State calendar.

National Hack The Government Day was held this year on 6th April 2013 People built software, visualizations and other creations that put the government’s meticulously-compiled facts and figures to good use.

Having free rein over the data, we were able to build and showcase what is important to you and what you think is important to others.

NHTG us an exciting opportunity for developers, designers and tech-heads to visualize data in new and interesting ways, or build frameworks that make it easier for future software to tap into. Find ways to improve your Government by coding a better country. Create prototypes of tools, services, applications or even websites, all fuelled by coffee, pizza and sweets.

One of the Winning Hacks: Don't Eat There, making use of Food Standards Agency data

One of the Winning Hacks: Don’t Eat There, making use of Food Standards Agency data

“NHTG is always one of the best Rewired State events in terms of the hacks created and the variety of them.” — Michael Mokrysz (developer attendee)

“The sheer brilliance of what was built was seriously impressive, even for a hack day veteran. For those members of the audience who were new to to this, it must have been mind- blowing.” — Richard Goodwin (a previous attendee) TSO The Stationary Office

“The weekend was sheer brilliance in action. Judges, developers and staff were blown away in a thought provoking, innovative and sometimes comical show and tell. Easily the best year yet!’  — Debbie Wicks (Rewired State staff and designer)


It was an such a hard decision this year picking winners and prizes were fiercely fought for, we are pleased to announce the following prize categories and winners:


  • The Cousin Sven Prize for Amazing Idea We Would Never Have Thought Of — Sponsored by Mark O’Neill – Head of Innovation and Delivery at Government Digital Service
  • Best in Show
  • Most likely to annoy the government
  • TaxPayers’ alliance Challenge 

For a complete list of winners and categories please visit the hacks app link below.


If you couldn’t make it to London or Manchester, we still enabled people to take part by hacking remotely so everywhere in the UK to take part. We had 14 people workign remotely including one person in San Francisco!


We also held a seperate centre in Manchester thanks to the awesome people at MadLab! Where a small group took part with one team actually winning!






The Taxpayers’ Alliance

and Mark O’Neill, director of innovation, GDS


More coverage –






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