Leeds City Council and its partners are at the start of an open data journey, working together to harness the power of data in the city. Open data presents a range of opportunities to the citizens of Leeds, from gaining a greater understanding of their city to encouraging civic enterprise and moving from a state provider to a state enabler in difficult financial times. Via its support for the development of the unique Leeds Data Mill platform, Leeds City Council hopes to bring together the widest possible range of public and private sector data to inform and inspire its citizens. Rewired State’s National Hack The Government will be the first time that this data is available to all and offers a platform to share ideas and knowledge and continue the open data debate.  -Culture and Sport, City Development Directorate, Leeds City Council



Centre Lead – Mark Barrett

Mark Barrett is the Open Data Lead for Leeds Data Mill – the Open Data Platform for the city that contains public, and private sector data on a wide range of topics. The initial website is currently being developed and will be launched at this Rewired State event, ready for future phases.
Mark has a strong background in Open Data and created the 1st open data app to get to #1 in iTunes – “GP Ratings” (using 42m pieces of data). He previously managed over 4,000 datasets at the NHS, and was recognised as one of the top fifty most innovative people in healthcare in 2013 by the Health Service Journal. Mark also co-founded (and co-runs) Leeds Data Thing, a group that has created a thriving community of data enthusiasts from across industry within the city with over 300 active members.




  1. How can we visualise the city for citizens?
  2. How can we visualise the city for business?
  3. Wildcard

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